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Monday, January 28, 2013

Roman Shades

I wanted to make Roman shades because they require no fabric at the side of the window which detracts from the view out my kitchen window. Plus, I need all the light I can get in this soggy January in Edmonds. Our new house has many windows and even though they are double paned, our heat bill was quite high. I ended up putting a piece of Reflectix behind this shade at night and then just pulling it down so it can't be seen. Much warmer. I followed Terrel Designs instructions for these shades and I read them over and over before I started, plus I watched the video. This is unlike me, usually I just plunge in. Two mistakes I made were: I cut the top seams before sewing, when I should have just folded over 3/4", sewn the velcro on and then trimmed. The other mistake is that I wanted the shade to be 2" higher when it is raised, so all the light comes in. I will fix that by adding another ring. Another mistake was getting screw eyes instead of the cord pulleys, as there is no stop or brake to hold the curtains in place, so now I have them tied to the lotion. I just finished them yesterday, and of course I will show them before I make the refinements.